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Join us on an extraordinary Aphrodisias tour as we transport you back in time to a city devoted to the goddess of love, Aphrodite. Prepare to be captivated by the remarkable ruins, intricate sculptures, and captivating history that await you.

A Fascinating Exploration of Ancient Greek Heritage

Aphrodisias, an ancient city popular for its association with the goddess Aphrodite, holds an important place in history. Situated in modern-day Turkey, this remarkable archaeological site stands as a testament to the past. Immerse yourself in its wonders with our exclusive and knowledgeable guided tours, designed to enhance your understanding and appreciation of this captivating destination. Discover the timeless allure of Aphrodisias, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that must not be missed.

Our expert guides, passionate about ancient history, will accompany you on this journey of discovery. With our comfortable and modern transportation, you’ll travel in style and convenience, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable exploration of this archaeological gem.

Discover the Timeless Splendor of Aphrodisias

As you arrive in Aphrodisias, you will be greeted by a wealth of wonders. Begin your exploration at the Sebasteion, a grand monument adorned with stunning sculptural reliefs depicting mythological scenes.

Sebasteion Aphrodisias Ancient City

Marvel at the skill and artistry that brought these stone masterpieces to life. Your journey continues with a visit to  the Tetrapylon, an impressive gateway that once marked the entrance to the city. Admire the intricate detailing and architectural precision that showcase the mastery of the ancient Greek craftsmen.

The highlight of your tour awaits as you discover the Theater of Aphrodisias, a testament to the city’s love for performing arts. Imagine the grandeur of ancient plays and performances as you stand amidst the well-preserved amphitheater, taking in the breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

Aphrodisias Museum Kusadasi

No visit to Aphrodisias would be complete without visiting the Museum of Aphrodisias. At this museum, you can admire an extraordinary collection of sculptures and artifacts. Admire the renowned statue of Aphrodite, along with other exquisite examples of ancient Greek artistry.

Throughout the tour, our knowledgeable guides will provide captivating information about the historical and cultural significance of Aphrodisias. Immerse yourself in the stories of the ancient Greeks, and gain a further appreciation for the art, architecture, and devotion to the goddess of love.

Where is Aphrodisias located ?

Aphrodisias is located in the province of Aydin in southwestern Turkey. It takes approximately 2,5 hours to drive from Kusadasi to Aphrodisias. The distance between Kusadasi and Aphrodisias is 155 kilometers and there is no direct public transportation from Kusadasi to Aphrodisias.

Book your Aphrodisias tour from Kusadasi and Selcuk today and embark on an unforgettable journey into the heart of ancient beauty. Witness the splendor of intricate sculptures, explore archaeological treasures, and immerse yourself in the fascinating heritage of Aphrodisias.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to experience the allure of Aphrodisias. Reserve your spot now and let us guide you on an unforgettable tour from Kusadasi and Selcuk. Immerse yourself in the timeless wonders of this ancient city and create memories that will last a lifetime. Book your Aphrodisias tour today!

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