Kusadasi Marina Shopping Center

Kusadasi Marina Shopping Center

Located in southwestern part of Turkey, Kusadasi is a seaside heaven attracting over a million visitors every year.With its proximity to popular historical ruins such as Ephesus and its awe-inspiring natural beauty, Kusadasi is a top destination for tourists. Also known as Setur Marina Kusadasi, Kusadasi Marina Shopping Center is a doorway for those seeking seaside relaxation, delicious food and shopping therapy.

Shopping Facilities at Kusadasi Marina

Kusadasi Marina Shopping Center offers various and fascinating store options. This retail mall provides something for everyone, whether you’re looking for designer clothing, unique pieces of souvenirs, or daily necessities. It is a perfect opportunity to discover a selection of outlets, shops, and boutiques that are all conveniently placed in one location.

Clothing & Footwear Retail

Kusadasi Marina Shopping Center is a fashion lover’s delight just waiting to be discovered. Find a variety of stores that provide the newest styles in footwear, accessories, and clothes. You may find trendy beachwear outfits as well as sophisticated evening wear right here.

Kusadasi Marina Clothing Stores

Accessories & Jewellery

Enhance your look with exquisite jewelry and accessories from the jewelry stores in the center. You can find the ideal accessories to complete your appearance such as timelessly elegant pendants to cutting-edge watches.

Gifts & Souvenirs

No trip to Kusadasi is complete without bringing a bit of the region’s rich culture and heritage back home. The retail area has gift shops where you may buy handmade jewelry, traditional Turkish crafts, and other original presents for your loved ones.

Ketchup Restaurant Kusadasi

Dining Opportunities

Kusadasi Marina cannot be fully appreciated without partaking in its gastronomic delights. The shopping area is home to a wide selection of diners, cafes, and restaurants that serve a delicious fusion of Turkish and foreign cuisine. Your taste buds are in for a treat as you can choose from traditional kebabs and delicious seafood to international fusion meals. If you are going to have a dinner in the Marina and for a meal with an excellent view, we can recommend Ketchup Restaurant Kusadasi.

Seaside Dining

A Feast of Seafood

It should come as no surprise that Kusadasi Marina offers a wide variety of fresh fish selections given its location by the Aegean Sea. Enjoy delicious grilled fish, calamari, and other meals while admiring the breathtaking waterfront views.

Worldwide Flavors

The shopping center’s international eateries offer a variety of cuisines if you’re in the mood for something unusual. Enjoy burgers, Italian pasta, or Asian fusion food—the decision is yours.

Traditional Turkish Dishes

Explore local restaurants serving up typical dishes like kebabs, mezes, and baklava for a true experience of Turkey. Don’t forget to drink a cup of delicious Turkish tea or coffee with your meal.

Kusadasi Marina’s Location

Kusadasi Marina Shopping Center is located at a prime location right at the heart of downtown Kusadasi. This shopping area gives guests the option to experience both a shopping experience and the tranquility of seaside living while nestled among turquoise oceans and spectacular natural beauty.

Practical Information

Opening Hours 

The retail shops open daily typically from 10:00 until 00:00 during the high season of summer months. The hours vary during the low season.

Toilet Facilities

Kusadasi Shopping Center provides toilet facilities free of charge.


There are three different ATMs at the shopping center that you can use for withdrawing cash.


There is ample parking space in downtown Kusadasi where you can park your car nearby.

Currency Exchange

Although the majority of stores and restaurants accept credit cards, it’s best to have some Turkish Lira on hand for smaller transactions. The center provides currency exchange services. Also, most shops accept payment in major foreign currencies such as Euros and Dollars.


Although Turkish is the primary tongue, the shopping mall has a large number of English-speaking employees, making it simple for visitors from other countries to get about.

Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely! Find stores offering local goods such as Turkish delight. These make for perfect gifts.

Yes, the shopping center welcomes families and has a variety of kid-friendly food alternatives. There may even be special children’s menus at some establishments.

Yes, the shopping center is open throughout the year. Although the opening hours change in winter months, the establishments continue to offer their services.

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