Kusadasi Must See Places With An Amazing View: Discover The Best Viewpoints In Town

Kusadasi Must See Places and Viewpoints

Kusadasi must see places include spots that offer amazing breathtaking views for those that enjoy seeing the town from a different angle. Beautifully located on the Aegean coast where lush green nature meets the azure blue waters, Kusadasi attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Below, we have listed the top Kusadasi must see attractions with the best viewpoints so that you can admire the unique beauty of this town even further.

1- Sevda Tepesi (Lovers’ Hill)

Located on Mount Kese, Sevda Hill  says “Welcome” to the guests of Kusadasi with its colorful houses on its steep skirts and  Ataturk statue on its top. This spot offers the opportunity to enjoy panoramic views of Kusadasi from over a hill. This is among the best places to be seen with its impressive view of the whole town. It is possible to admire the views of the Aegean Sea, the cruise port, marina and the lovely coastline from above by climbing Lovers’ Hill. One of the best locations to watch Yılancıburnu , Pigeon Island and Kusadasi town is also from this hill. It requires some fitness level and a sense of adventure for anyone visiting because the hill is quite steep for climbing.So make sure you are well-prepared with comfortable shoes and enough water to keep you hydrated.

Sevda Tepesi Kusadasi Lovers Hill Viewpoint

2- Gazi Begendi Hill

Gazibegendi View of Kusadasi

Named after the founding father of Turkey, Ataturk , Gazi Begendi is another iconic viewpoint of Kusadasi. Located over a hill just below Kusadasi state hospital, Gazi Begendi attracts many visitors both in summer and in the winter months. This is one of the best spots for watching the magical sunset in Kusadasi. You can enjoy panoramic views of Pigeon Island, Cruise port, marina and Kusadasi city while sitting at the cafe located on the hill. The municipality owned cafe offers many food and beverage choices at affordable prices for visitors and has a relaxed atmosphere.

There is a children’s playground and an indoor and an outdoor sitting area for visitors. You can reach Gazi Begendi by local mini buses or by taking a taxi as it’s only a 5 minute drive from the city center. You can alternatively take a walk to this spot as it is not too far from the city center. Climbing the hill may prove difficult for some hot summer days, though, so it may be worth being prepared for your walk. Here you can check out to find out further about  Gazi Begendi Hill and other municipality owned facilities that you can visit Gazi Beğendi Hill.

3- Kusadasi Castle

Without a doubt, the castle is the number one among  Kusadasi must see places. Built by the Ottomans in the 14th century, Kusadasi castle is located on Guvercinada (Pigeon Island). Kusadasi Castle is open daily for visitors to explore and the entrance is free of charge. The castle has gardens in it and offers scenic views of the Aegean Sea and Kusadasi bay. While exploring the historical castle, visitors can enjoy the breathtaking views thanks to its elevated location. You can reach Kusadasi castle from downtown by taking a walk or you can take a dolmus (local minibus ) to get here.

Castle Views From The Boat

You can also choose to enjoy the beautiful castle view from a boat. There are many boat tours that offer an opportunity to view the castle and Kusadasi coastline from the sea. You can opt for hiring a private boat to explore the area surrounding Pigeon Island and have an unforgettable day on the boat with your loved ones in your own privacy. Kusadasi private boat hire is a perfect opportunity to get a glimpse of some of the most breathtaking vistas of Kusadasi. Here you can find out more about the private boat hire in Kusadasi.

4- Ladies Beach Kusadasi

Ladies Beach is another one of top Kusadasi must see attractions. Highly popular among the locals and the international visitors, Ladies Beach is a heaven with its turquoise waters and golden sands. The promenade along the beach offers breathtaking views of the sea and is a lovely spot to watch the sun go down. There are many restaurants and bars on the promenade where guests can enjoy their drinks and meals while admiring the beautiful seaview in a tranquil setting. Ladies Beach is truly a heaven for the sightseers and has something to offer for everyone. Make sure to add visiting Ladies Beach to your to-do-list when you are in Kusadasi and you will surely not regret it.

5- Neopolis (Yilanci Burnu)

Neopolis is a peninsula that extends to the sea next to Guvercinada (Pigeon Island). It is a unique attraction as it is one of the first settlements in Kusadasi. Neopolis was founded by the Ionians in ancient times and there are ancient city ruins under the sea to this day. It is one of the top natural beauties in Kusadasi with its relaxed atmosphere. Here you can catch a glimpse of the most breathtaking sunset views. You can take a 15 minute walk to Yilanci Burnu from downtown Kusadasi or you can take a dolmus (local minibus) to get here.

Yilanciburnu Island Kusadasi

6- Dilek Peninsula National Park

Dilek Peninsula National Park is a paradise with its lush greenery, forests, and amazing views of the beautiful Aegean coast. This national park is home to many endemic plants as well as wildlife that is unique to this area. The elevated areas within the park provide stunning views of the turquoise sea and the delta.The visitors can make the most of the breathtaking views of the beautiful bays while hiking in the vicinity. You can reach Dilek Peninsula National Park by local mini buses or by taxi from Kusadasi city center. It takes approximately 30 minutes to get there from the city center.

We have listed above the Kusadasi must see viewpoints so that you can see this magical town from different perspectives. With its rich history and popular beautiful beaches, visitors cannot help but fall in love with this town.However there are also various hidden gems for sightseers that enjoy enchanting city and nature views. That’s why when it comes to natural wonders and beautiful places, Kusadasi will surpass all expectations. If you want to explore other natural beauties and hidden treasures of Kusadasi, you can check out other articles about Kusadasi below.

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