Long Beach Kusadasi

Kusadasi Long Beach Coast

Long Beach is one of the most preferred districts for travelers that choose to spend their holidays in the dazzling town of Kusadasi. The beach is mostly used by residents of the area as well as the vacationers staying at the hotel. Although there are small beaches with many different names on the beach, Long Beach is home to them all. It stretches along a total of 12 kilometers of coastline. The beach and the sea itself are completely sandy. It is a shallow sea that does not get very deep. The sea has a small amount of current. Especially after 3 pm, the sea gets more wavy. Therefore, it may be more enjoyable to go to the beach earlier in the day.

A beach with All The Amenities

The entrance to the beach is free. If you wish, you can rent umbrellas and sun loungers for a small price. There are showers, toilets, and changing cabins available. There are also restaurants, cafes and entertainment venues suitable for all budgets, large and small, around the beach. If you enjoy water sports, you can also partake in activities such as renting a jetski or parasailing.

Enjoy the nighttime activities at Long Beach

It is a perfect place to watch the sun go down and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. There are restaurants for those looking to enjoy dinner in the beautiful Love Beach.Those spending the night here can take long walks on this illuminated beach. At certain times, there is live music at night in the cafes located on the beach. With all its offerings, Long Beach is a busy and lively spot day and night.

Parasailing Water Sport in Kusadasi Long Beach

Even though the beach was mostly preferred by tourists until recent years, it has now attracted the attention of local people, as well. There are sites and businesses with almost 40 years of history around the beach. Some have even given names to small sections of the Beach such as Paradise Beach and Silver Beach.

The summer houses around the beach extend all the way to the sea. These houses are usually detached houses with two floors and a small yard. There are many properties for sale as well as houses that can be rented to vacationers. The prices vary according to the proximity to the sea, the size of the garden, and whether there is a private pool or not. The residents living in this region can meet most of their needs without going to downtown Kusadasi. Thanks to this lively and entertaining beach, many new businesses have been opened and have made it possible for the people living in this area to enjoy this place even more.

Long Beach Kusadasi Address and Location

How to go to Kusadasi Long Beach?

The local minibusses (Dolmus) depart from Kusadasi downtown on a frequent basis. With these minibusses, you can reach Long Beach in just around 15-20 minutes.

Location of Long Beach Kusadasi

Check out the location of Long Beach. Address: Long Beach Kusadasi, 09400, Kusadasi/Aydin

Extending for miles throughout the coastline, Long Beach is a great choice for travelers that enjoy spending time at the beach. With its golden sand and clear waters, it has something to offer for anyone including families with children. The beach offers a wide range of facilities such as beachside cafes, water sports options, and sun beds. Overall,Long Beach promises a convenient and enjoyable experience for all.

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