Bazaars in Kusadasi

Kusadasi Central Bazaar

Shop while exploring the historical buildings in this area that is closed to vehicular traffic. Kusadasi bazaar is a unique bazaar surrounded by Kaleiçi (Old Town) historical walls and you can find all kinds of shops around it. You can buy clothes for yourself and gifts for your loved ones from the shops in the bazaar. In this bazaar, which is lively every hour of the day, there are cafes where you can listen to all kinds of music besides the shops. In these cafes, you can try Turkish dishes or find the flavors of your own country’s cuisine.

Currency While Makeing Payments

Kusadasi bazaar is a touristic bazaar, almost all of the shop employees speak English. It is possible to easily communicate with employees in English or even in your own language. Since it is also a touristic bazaar, it is possible to make your payments with popular currencies such as Euro and Pound at these stores. In most of these stores, it is possible to see the price of product labels in Euros.

Bargain in Kusadasi

Generally, first quality fake products are the products you will often come across in Kusadasi bazaar. These products are usually shoes, t-shirts, jackets, bags and fake products of other world-famous brands. Apart from these, souvenirs unique to Kusadasi, Turkish carpets, leather jackets and jewelry are the products you can buy in Kusadasi too. Prices in markets and restaurants are usually fixed. But you can usually bargain with the seller in fake product stores and other souvenir shops. Don’t forget to try bargain for a product that you think you can buy cheaper.

Kusadasi Central Shopping Bazaar
Kervansaray Hotel Kusadasi

The touristic part of Kusadasi bazaar starts with the historical walls of Kusadasi. After entering this area, you can wander around the area called “Kaleiçi”, where Kaleiçi Mosque is located. Do not forget to enter these historical small side streets for shopping. Kaleiçi region extends to Kervansaray and even to Scala Nuova Ege Port. For shopping, you can visit the shops in this wide area inside the bazaar. After your walking and shopping tour, you will see the fish restaurants in the area opposite the Kervansaray. If you want, you can take a break at these fish restaurants and try the famous fish and appetizers of Kusadasi.

Direction and Adress of Central Kusadasi Bazaar

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