Things To Do in Kusadasi

We have shared the things to do in Kusadasi for 2024 below. We think you will definitely like these activities because we love them too. The list prepared in order of importance. Be sure to do each one from the top of the list and check them after your vacation. You can tap to the images to get more information.

Let’s take a look at activities you can do in Kusadasi together.

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36 Must Do Activities in Kusadasi

1- Hire a Private Boat

One of the most recommended things to do in Kusadasi is hiring a private boat. It allows you to spend an unforgettable day with your loved ones. Visit the most beautiful Kusadasi bays with an affordable private boat trip and experience swimming the turquoise waters and enjoy the surrounding nature. Indulge yourself in a tasty lunch specially made on the boat for you and enjoy this special day with your family and friends.

2- Visit the Ancient City of Ephesus

Discover some of the most significant historical sites that attract visitors from all around the world. Visit Ephesus Ancient City, The House of the Virgin Mary and the Temple of Artemis with a professionally guided tour.

3- Walk in Pigeon Island

Take a short walk to enjoy the beauty of the historical Pigeon Island (Guvercinada). Wander around the seaside to experience the true atmosphere of Kusadasi. Admire the beauty of one of the oldest symbols of Kusadasi: Pigeon Island Castle which dates back to the 13th century.

4- Turkish Bath Experience

Try the unique Turkish Bath experience and rejuvenate both your body and your soul. Get a taste of the authentic hammam experience that has been a tradition in Turkish culture since ancient times.

5- Shop in Kusadasi Bazaar

Wander around the old streets of Kusadasi and get a feel for the historical side of Kusadasi and its bazaar. Here you can shop from the local stores for unique finds to bring back home with you.

6- Join a Jeep Safari

If you are feeling adventurous join a Jeep Safari tour where you can discover the hidden gem Dilek Peninsula National Park. While exploring the untouched nature and historical places, get ready for a splash in the turquoise waters and have a lot of fun.

7- Spend a day at the Aqua Park

Spend an exciting day at the Aqua Park with your family and friends. Dive into a day filled with entertainment for kids and adults alike at the Aqua Park. Experience the world’s best water parks in Kusadasi with the longest water slide, wave pool, and slope slide areas. Enjoy rafting and surfing activities or have fun watching the dolphin and sea lion shows.

8- Join a Pamukkale Tour

Discover the Travertines and the Ancient city of Hierapolis in Pamukkale. By joining a Pamukkale tour, you will discover the unique natural beauty of Hierapolis. Admire the hot springs that formed the white travertines and then go for the unique experience of swimming in the Cleopatra Pool that is covered with ancient ruins.

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If you have done the ones on the list or are looking for more different activities, we recommend you to check the other things to do list below. You can always find another activity to do in Kusadasi!

9- Swim at National Park Coves

Drop a visit to the unique natural wonderland where the turquoise waters meet the lush mountains. Spend a relaxing day at the beach while also exploring the beautiful coves, botanical garden, marine species and wild animals.

10- Go on a unique journey in Pergamon

Go on a unique historical journey in Pergamon and Asclepion which are on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites List. Here you will discover the ancient temples, agoras, palaces and the famous healing temple: Asclepion hospital of Pergamon.

11- Take a Trip to Sirince Village

Take a trip to Sirince Village to discover the combined culture of Turks and Greeks. Admire the beauty of the village popular for historical Greek type houses that preserve their originality to this day. By visiting Sirince you will have a chance to experience a synthesis of Turkish and Greek cultures. With its delectable cuisine, tasty wines and its lush nature Sirince is a must-visit for everyone.

12- Dolphin and Sea Lion Show

Join a funny and educational Dolphin and Sea Lion show with your family. Explore the exquisite worlds of dolphins and sea lions to add even more entertainment to your holiday in Kusadasi. These unique marine animals will amaze you with their awe-inspiring tricks and skills.

13- Take a Day Trip to the Samos Island

Take a day trip to a beautiful Greek Island that’s only a 1 hour ferry ride away from Kusadasi. Delve yourself into delicious Greek foods, shopping for souvenirs or spending time at the pristine beaches.

14- Quad Bike Safari

Get ready for action with a half-day Quad-Bike safari adventure. Jump on a quad bike and explore the natural beauties of Kusadasi with an adventurous twist. Enjoy swimming at the pristine beaches where the lush nature meets the turquoise waters.

15- Join a Boat Trip

Treat yourself to an unforgettable day on a boat tour that goes to the beautiful bays of Kusadasi. Jump in the crystal clear turquoise waters and explore the underwater world. You will also have a delicious Turkish lunch on the boat while immersing yourself into the stunning green mountain views and the glistening sea.

16- Join the Horse Safari

Join the Horse Safari trip to visit the beautiful beaches and the adventurous land guided by professionals. Accompanied by a friendly horse, your trip to Kusadasi will be remembered forever.

17- Kusadasi Scuba Diving Experience

Explore the underwater beauties of Kusadasi by joining a diving experience tour. Here you will have an opportunity to visit coves to dive as an amateur with professional dive masters to help you along the way.

18- Visit Selcuk Saturday Market

Spare your Saturday morning or afternoon for shopping at the Selcuk Saturday market. Here you will get a chance to find unique pieces of clothing, jewelry, handcrafts, souvenirs and so much more to bring back home with you.

19- Visit Cave of Zeus

Visit this natural and mythological place that attracts tens of thousands of visitors each year. According to legend, Greek God Zeus sought shelter here while escaping the wrath of his brother Poseidon. Even today, this cave keeps its magical atmosphere so definitely spare time to visit the Cave of Zeus.

20- Enjoy Local Desserts

Visit one of the local confectioners to get a unique taste of the sweet side of Turkish cuisine Try baklava, sutlac, kunefe and many other traditional Turkish desserts. Enjoy a warm cup of Turkish tea or coffee while savoring these sweet delicacies.

Baklava - Turkish Traditional Dessert
Turkish Kebab Traditional Spicy Kusadasi Food - Minced Meat

21- Local Cuisine Experience

What’s better than getting your appetite up from walking around and smelling the aroma of the sizzling kebab? Once you start feeling peckish, enjoy a kebab wrap on the go or enjoy it on a plate with other Turkish delicacies.

22- Visit the Viewpoint Gazibegendi

Visit the famous viewpoint named after Turkey’s founding father Ataturk. Enjoy the amazing view where you can see Pigeon Island and watch the cruise ships come and go. You can sit down at the cafe here and savor your drink and meal while watching the mesmerizing view.

Gazibegendi View of Kusadasi
Parasailing Water Sport in Kusadasi Long Beach

23- Have Fun with Water Sports

If you like to enjoy a fast ride among the deep blue sea waves, then you should definitely consider taking part in water sports. We highly recommend you to experience these moments full of adrenaline and excitement. Try jet skiing, fly board, parasailing and other water sports to have a fun day on the water.

24- Shop at Marina Shopping Center

While in Kusadasi downtown, visit Kusadasi Marina Shopping Center that is located right beside the Setur Marina. Here you can purchase from fast fashion brands as well as finding restaurants and cafes to chill out at.

25- Shopping at Kusadasi AVM

Go to the spacious, open-air shopping center featuring local clothing and homeware shops plus dining options. Here, you can also find many global fashion brands to shop at bargain prices.

26- Hike at National Park

Go on a long canyon hike in Dilek Peninsula National Park to discover beautiful views of the sea among lush mountains.Have a fun day of hiking in the area designated within the National Park. Start from Olukdere Canyon and head towards the village of Doğanbey. This is about a 16 km hike in total.

National Park Mountains of Kusadasi - Jeep Safari - Explore Excursions

27- Relax at Kustur Beach

Visit Kustur Beach, which is only a 10 minute ride from downtown Kusadasi. Here you can enjoy relaxing at the golden sand beach and swimming in the turquoise waters. This is one of the most beautiful places to enjoy the sea, sand and the sun.

28- Visit Local Coffee Shops

If you want to have a true local experience, visit one of the local coffee shops to enjoy a nice steaming cup of Turkish coffee. Try this aromatic coffee that has been a tradition for the Turks for centuries.

Traditional Turkish Coffee - Beverage of Turkey Kusadasi
Old Town Tanneries Restaurants in Kusadasi

29- Visit Old Town Tanneries

Take a walk to this unique village-like structure known as Old Town Tanneries from Kusadasi Marina that gives off historical vibes to its visitors. Enjoy visiting the local shops and then treat yourself to a delicious lunch or dinner at the restaurant.

30- Visit Neopolis (Yilanci Burnu)

Visit the second peninsula called Yilanci Burnu (Neopolis) extending to the sea to the south of Pigeon Island. Neopolis is one of the first settlements of Kuşadası, which was founded by the Ions in ancient times. Here you can even see the ancient city ruins under the sea.

31- Take a day trip to Izmir

Take a trip to Izmir for the day. Kusadasi is only an hour’s drive away from this vibrant city. Izmir is a bustling city with a wide range of cultural attractions and a rich history. Discover the city’s markets, historical sites, and contemporary attractions.

32- Visit Kirazlı Village

If you want to witness the authentic, tranquil Turkey that still exists, you should visit Kirazli Village. Kirazli is a pleasant village to explore, with several charming restaurants providing meals made with organic and local produce.

Breakfast in Kusadasi - Turkish Breakfast

33- Try Traditional Turkish Breakfast

Enjoy a traditional Turkish breakfast to kick off your day in Kusadasi. Enjoy a spread of cheese, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, jams, honey, Turkish tea, and freshly baked bread at a neighborhood cafe or restaurant. Additionally, certain locations may serve specialties like Simit, a round bread coated in sesame seeds, or Menemen, a Turkish-style omelet with tomatoes and green peppers.

34- Visit a Local Mosque

Visit a local mosque to get an in-depth knowledge of Turkish religion and culture. Although Kusadasi has a number of mosques, many tourists choose more commercial attractions over this cultural immersion. Enter the peaceful sanctuary, take in the elaborate decorations and architecture, and watch as worshippers offer up prayers. Make sure to adhere to mosque etiquette and dress modestly and you’ll be rewarded with a deep sense of calm and cultural understanding.

35- See a Traditional Turkish Barber in Action

Pay a visit to a traditional Turkish barber and enjoy a precision haircut, hot towel shave, or luxurious massage while expert barbers perform their magic.Though Kusadasi is home to many contemporary salons, nothing compares to the age-old custom of a Turkish barber shop. It’s a cultural experience that will make you feel renewed and invigorated.

36- Climb Lovers’ Hill (Sevda Tepesi)

Visit Sevda Tepesi for stunning panoramic views of Kusadasi and the surrounding area. This hidden gem, which has winding paths leading to its summit, provides a peaceful haven from the busy city below. The city views from Sevda Tepesi will leave you in awe whether you go for a romantic stroll or a leisurely hike.

We have listed 36 different things you can do in Kusadasi above. Of course, doing these activities in a row can tire you out. We recommend you to come Kusadasi more than once. So you can fit these unique activities into your holiday.

At the top of the list, we added Private Boat Trip which you can spend a fun-filled day with your family and friends in Kusadasi. And the list continue with the Ancient City of Ephesus; where visitors from all over the world come only to see this city. We highly recommend that you go there, as it is an incredible place with its historical integrity. And it is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites List.

In the other activities of the list, we added Pigeon Island; the symbol of Kusadasi, Turkish Bath; one of Turkey’s unique experiences, Kusadasi Bazaar, and Pamukkale; which is also on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites List.

We hope this list helps you on your trip. In addition to the list above; if you have suggestions for what visitors can do in Kusadasi, you can contact us anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

The high season starts in April and lasts until the end of October. This is the period some of the activities are available. However Kusadasi is beautiful all year round and you can visit any time of the year.

Yes, most of the activities listed are what you can do with your family. Hiring a private boat, going to Aquapark and Dolphin show, Jeep Safari, Quad Bike safari, etc are family friendly activities that both the adults and children enjoy alike.

Yes, Kusadasi is in an ideal location and is only 1 hour drive away from Adnan Menderes International Airport in Izmir. You can drive, take the bus, or the train to other major cities in Turkey from Kusadasi. You can also take the ferry from Kusadasi to Samos, Greece.

We recommend that you try, baklava, lahmacun (Turkish pizza),kebab varieties and the traditional Turkish breakfast while in Kusadasi. You can check out the best restaurants in Kusadasi here.

Yes, Kusadasi is a safe city that attracts millions of visitors each year. However, as visiting any other touristic city in the world, it is recommended to exercise standard travel measurements to stay safe.

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