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Kusadasi is a city with a temperate Mediterranean climate. Rain is almost never seen in Kusadasi in summer. In the winter months, the weather is rainy and warm. Humidity is low. Since it is a coastal city, you will generally not have any problems in any month you will travel. But if you want to swim in the sea and enjoy the hot weather, summer months will be more suitable. Below you can examine the Kusadasi weather 2023 in detail by month.

Kusadasi Weather in Summer

Kusadasi usually has a temperature of 30-40 degrees during the summer months. For this reason, it is usually the focus of visitors coming for summer tourism in these months. Kusadasi has an average temperature of 25-30 degrees in June. If you want to have a summer vacation before very hot weather, June will be more suitable for you.

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July and August are usually the months when temperatures are between 30-40 degrees. In some days, the temperatures can even be above 40 degrees. If you are looking for a summer holiday where every day will be hot and you can swim a lot, taking a vacation in July and August may be more suitable for you. PS: Since July and August are the peak season of tourism, hotel prices are higher compared to other months. Keep in mind that Kusadasi may be more crowded during these months compared to other months.

Kusadasi Weather

Kusadasi Weather in Winter

Kusadasi is not cold during the winter months like other European countries. In winter, temperatures are usually between 10-15 degrees. December and February can usually be 10-15 degrees. The coldest month is January. In January, temperatures can drop to 5 degrees or even lower. If you come to Kusadasi for Health Tourism reasons such as dentistry, obesity, aesthetics, winter months may be suitable for you.

Kusadasi Weather in Spring & Autumn

Kusadasi is the ideal season for visitors who do not like to be too hot in spring and autumn but do not want to come in the cold. The month of May is accepted as the beginning of the summer tourism season and the weather reaches a temperature close to the summer temperature, where it can be comfortably swim. As the hot weather continues in September, the summer tourism season continues.

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In October-November and March-April, temperatures generally vary between 15-25 degrees. If you want to visit historical places and natural beauties before it is very hot months, spring and autumn may be suitable seasons for you. Spring and Autumn seasons are suitable seasons for Health Tourism as well as in winter.

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Since the weather of Kusadasi is so suitable for living in all seasons compared to other countries, it has received a large amount of foreign migration in recent years. Due to the emergence of the pandemic and the increase in online working opportunities, many people want to move to homes in and around Kusadasi. If you want to get more detailed information about properties for sale in Kusadasi, you can check our “Properties For Sale in Kusadasi” page.

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