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Travel Guide Kusadasi - Pigeon Island

Kusadasi is a touristic province on the coast of the Aegean region, famous for its natural beauties, turquoise seas and historical sites. The ancient city of Ephesus, the House of the Virgin Mary, and the Dilek Peninsula National Park are important spots of Kusadasi. The population of Kusadasi, which is around 100 thousand during the winter months, exceeds 2 million with the arrival of domestic and foreign tourists in the summer months. You can find more information about Kusadasi below.

It is an easily visited location with its proximity to Izmir, one of the biggest cities of Turkey, and Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport. Kusadasi is also home to Turkey’s 3rd largest port. “Kusadasi Ege Port”, which is a very important port for international and local ships, welcomes thousands of tourists every day. Nearly 500 ships are planned to arrive at the port in 2022 and around 650,000 tourists are expected to arrive.

About Kusadasi History

Kusadasi has hosted many different civilizations. It is known that it was first ruled by Leleges in 3000 BC. It is known that the region, which later passed under the control of various communities, was called “Neopolis” by the Ionians. Being home to many different civilizations, Kusadasi has the characteristics of a great historical city besides its natural beauties and unique beaches. Get detailed information about Kusadasi History by tapping below.

Historical Photo of Pigeon Island in Kusadasi Turkey
Weather in Kusadasi

As Kusadasi has a warm Mediterranean climate, it has good weather in all seasons. There is almost no rain in the summer months. In winter, there is rain and warm weather. Since Kusadasi has a suitable weather for travel in all seasons, it is the center of attention of tourists in every months. You can get detailed information about Kusadasi weather by tapping below.

Properties For Sale in Kusadasi

Kusadasi is not only the perfect vacation destination, but also the perfect place to live! For this reason, with the increasing interest in holiday cities with the effect of the pandemic in recent years, the interest in properties for sale in Kusadasi has increased considerably. If you are thinking of buying properties such as a house or land for living or investment purposes, check out our page below.

Property For Sale Kusadasi

Kusadasi is a smaller city compared to other resort cities. In the city, the center of which is almost within walking distance of everywhere, you can leave your hotel and go to the restaurant you want, and enjoy the bars and pubs. The distances from the center of Kusadasi to some important spots are given below.

  • From Kusadasi to Izmir Adnan Menders Airport: 80 km (60 minutes by Car)
  • From Kusadasi to Ancient City of Ephesus: 18 km (15 minutes by Car)
  • From Kusadasi to House of The Virgin Mary: 25 km (20 minutes by Car)
  • From Kusadasi to Dilek Peninsula National Park: 30 km (35 minutes by Car)
Top Restaurants in Kusadasi - Places to See

Kusadasi is a more affordable touristic city compared to other holiday cities. Since July-August is usually the high season, hotel prices are slightly higher than in other months. But even in high season, Kusadasi is cheaper than other touristic cities. In Kusadasi you can find luxury hotels, restaurants and pubs at affordable prices. Get more information about places in Kusadasi.

There are many shops and market points in Kusadasi where you can stop by for shopping. On Wednesdays, you can visit the market located near the city center. Or you can visit the shops in the city center that are open from 9 am to midnight. You can find souvenirs and clothes specific to Turkish culture everywhere. Check Kusadasi Bazaar’s by tapping button below.

Bazaar and Shopping Centers of Kusadasi Guide

There are stores where you can find many stylish products for Turkish carpets, leather jackets and accessories, and jewelry. At the same time, fake products have become very popular with tourists in Turkey in recent years. In Kusadasi bazaar, you can find and buy products such as fake clothes, wallets, bags and shoes belonging to world-famous luxury brands at very reasonable prices. Tip: You can get a cheaper price by bargaining with the seller while shopping.

Entry and Visas of Turkey - Explore Kusadasi - Passport

Turkey does not require a visa from most countries in order to develop tourism in the country and enable people to travel easily. It is possible to enter Turkey with your passport on arrival from some countries, as well as with a National ID from some countries. Get detailed information about Entry & Visa.

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