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Kusadasi is a touristic province on the coast of the Aegean region, famous for its natural beauties, turquoise seas and historical sites. The ancient city of Ephesus, the House of the Virgin Mary, and the Dilek Peninsula National Park are important spots of Kusadasi. The population of Kusadasi, which is around 100 thousand during the winter months, exceeds 2 million with the arrival of domestic and foreign tourists in the summer months. You can find more information about Kusadasi below.

It is an easily visited location with its proximity to Izmir, one of the biggest cities of Turkey, and Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport. Kusadasi is also home to Turkey’s 3rd largest port. “Kusadasi Ege Port”, which is a very important port for international and local ships, welcomes thousands of tourists every day. Nearly 500 ships are planned to arrive at the port in 2022 and around 650,000 tourists are expected to arrive.

About Kusadasi History

Kusadasi has hosted many different civilizations. It is known that it was first ruled by Leleges in 3000 BC. It is known that the region, which later passed under the control of various communities, was called “Neopolis” by the Ionians. Being home to many different civilizations, Kusadasi has the characteristics of a great historical city besides its natural beauties and unique beaches. Get detailed information about Kusadasi History by tapping below.

Historical Photo of Pigeon Island in Kusadasi Turkey
Kusadasi Weather

Weather in Kusadasi

As Kusadasi has a warm Mediterranean climate, it has good weather in all seasons. There is almost no rain in the summer months. In winter, there is rain and warm weather. Since Kusadasi has a suitable weather for travel in all seasons, it is the center of attention of tourists in every months. You can get detailed information about Kusadasi weather by tapping below.

Properties For Sale in Kusadasi

Kusadasi is not only the perfect vacation destination, but also the perfect place to live! For this reason, with the increasing interest in holiday cities with the effect of the pandemic in recent years, the interest in properties for sale in Kusadasi has increased considerably. If you are thinking of buying properties such as a house or land for living or investment purposes, check out our page below.

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The map of where is kusadasi located

Where is Kusadasi Located?

Kusadasi is located in Aydın, Turkey, on the western coast. It is approximately 80 kilometers from Adnan Menderes Airport in Izmir and can be reached in about an hour by car from Izmir, a major city in Turkey. In addition, “Kusadasi Ege Port”, which hosts many cruises from all over the world during the summer season, is also located in Kusadasi center. Due to its location in the far west of Turkey and its southern position relative to other European countries, it enjoys a pleasant climate year-round, making it an ideal holiday destination.

Kusadasi is a smaller city compared to other resort cities. In the city, the center of which is almost within walking distance of everywhere, you can leave your hotel and go to the restaurant you want, and enjoy the bars and pubs. The distances from the center of Kusadasi to some important spots are given below.

  • From Kusadasi to Izmir Adnan Menders Airport: 80 km (60 minutes by Car)
  • From Kusadasi to Ancient City of Ephesus: 18 km (15 minutes by Car)
  • From Kusadasi to House of The Virgin Mary: 25 km (20 minutes by Car)
  • From Kusadasi to Dilek Peninsula National Park: 30 km (35 minutes by Car)
Top Restaurants in Kusadasi - Places to See

Kusadasi is a more affordable touristic city compared to other holiday cities. Since July-August is usually the high season, hotel prices are slightly higher than in other months. But even in high season, Kusadasi is cheaper than other touristic cities. In Kusadasi you can find luxury hotels, restaurants and pubs at affordable prices. Get more information about places in Kusadasi.

There are many shops and market points in Kusadasi where you can stop by for shopping. On Wednesdays, you can visit the market located near the city center. Or you can visit the shops in the city center that are open from 9 am to midnight. You can find souvenirs and clothes specific to Turkish culture everywhere. Check Kusadasi Bazaar’s by tapping button below.

Bazaar and Shopping Centers of Kusadasi Guide

There are stores where you can find many stylish products for Turkish carpets, leather jackets and accessories, and jewelry. At the same time, fake products have become very popular with tourists in Turkey in recent years. In Kusadasi bazaar, you can find and buy products such as fake clothes, wallets, bags and shoes belonging to world-famous luxury brands at very reasonable prices. Tip: You can get a cheaper price by bargaining with the seller while shopping.

Cruises from Kusadasi Port - Cruise port in kusadasi

Cruises from Kusadasi, Turkey will take you on an exciting journey. Get lost in the charm of the turquoise waters, which are rich in history and an exciting cultural feast. You’ll discover a portal to a wide range of wonderful locations as you explore the enchanted port city of Kusadasi, which is conveniently located along the captivating Aegean Sea. Our cruises from Kusadasi offer an unmatched experience, taking you to the jewels of the Mediterranean and enchanting coastline beauties. To learn more about these extraordinary journeys, check our Cruises from Kusadasi page now.

Turkey does not require a visa from most countries in order to develop tourism in the country and enable people to travel easily. It is possible to enter Turkey with your passport on arrival from some countries, as well as with a National ID from some countries. Get detailed information about Entry & Visa.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Kusadasi

With our FAQ list, find your answers to common questions about Kusadasi. Whether you’re planning a visit this beautiful city or simply curious about its attractions and features, we have you covered. Explore the information below to enhance your knowledge about this alluring destination.

Kusadasi is a popular resort town located in the southwestern Turkey. It is renowned for its pristine beaches, lush nature, historical structures,  vibrant nightlife, mild mediterranean climate and delectable cuisine. Kusadasi is definitely worth a visit since there are a wide variety of things to do in Kusadasi for all ages.

Kusadasi is located in southwestern Turkey and the official language of the country is Turkish. However since Kusadasi is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world, foreign languages are widely spoken by the locals. English is well spoken by most of the locals and the tourists will find it easy to communicate with them.

The correct way of pronouncing Kusadasi is : Koo- shah-dah-suh. The name Kusadasi derives from the two words: Kuş and Ada. Kus in Turkish means Bird and ada in Turkish means Island, which makes Kusadasi mean Bird Island.

It depends on your personal preference but if your main interest is visiting historical sites and spending time at the beach, Kusadasi is a better option. If your main interest is to go shopping and experience a bustling urban atmosphere, then staying in Izmir is a better option. It is also worth noting that Izmir and Kusadasi are only a 1 hour drive apart from each other and the transportation is fairly easy.

Overall Kusadasi is a safe and an enjoyable town for visitors from all over the world. However there are a few things that may be worth watching out for the tourists such as petty theft, overpriced goods and services and unofficial tour guides. It is also important to avoid excessive drinking as it may obstruct the ability to make proper decisions.

Kusadasi, Turkey is known for its crystal clear Turquoise waters and pristine beaches, lush nature and also historical sites such as Ancient City of Ephesus, House of Virgin Mary, shopping and bazaars, nightlife and entertainment.

The official language of Turkey is Turkish however the second most spoken language in Turkey is English. English is widely spoken by the locals residing in the popular destinations of Turkey.

The official currency in Turkey is Turkish Liras but most businesses happily accept payment in currencies such as Euros, American Dollar and British Pounds.

The only official language spoken in Turkey is Turkish however English is the second most spoken language in the country. Especially in popular tourist destinations, English is widely spoken by the local residents.

The name Kusadasi derives from the two words: Kuş and Ada. Kus in Turkish means Bird and ada in Turkish means Island, which makes Kusadasi mean Bird Island. However, it’s worth noting that Kusadasi is not an island but a coastal town on the Aegean Sea in Turkey. The name likely derived from the presence of various bird species and the town’s geographical features that may have looked like an island in the past.

Kusadasi is located in southwestern Turkey. It is a popular tourist destination and it is known for its proximity to Greek islands such as Samos, however it is geographically situated within Turkish territory.

Kusadasi is located in the country of Turkey, which spans both Asia and Europe. However, the majority of Turkey’s landmass is located in Anatolia (Asia), while a smaller portion lies in Europe. Kusadasi is situated on the western coast of Turkey, which is part of the Anatolian side. So, geographically speaking, Kusadasi is in Asia.

In general Kusadasi is a safe and enjoyable town for tourists. However it is worth watching out for minor crimes such as petty theft which is common in all touristic towns around the world.

Kusadasi is only 1 hour drive away from Izmir Adnan Menderes International Airport. Kusadasi is very close to the airport which makes it an ideal resort town for tourists traveling internationally.

Kusadasi offers many different activities to visitors of all ages. You can spend time at the beach, visit historical sites such as Ephesus ancient city, visit natural parks, do a quad bike tour, go to a waterpark, go on a jeep safari, hire a private boat or go on a shopping spree. You can check our things to do in Kusadasi page for check these activities.

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