Exploring a Wonderful Greek Island:Joining a Kusadasi to Samos Ferry Adventure

Kusadasi Samos Ferry

If you are into a unique and magical Mediterranean experience that offers the wonders of ancient history, lovely nature, and island exploration, then hop on a Kusadasi Samos ferry. This destination has become so popular for travelers wanting to get the best of Turkey and Greece in one perfect journey.

A Ferry Trip Back in History

Kusadasi to Samos ferry trip is not just a way of transportation but it’s also a journey back in time. Kusadasi, a lovely resort town on the Aegean coast of Turkey, is also such an important historical town. Kusadasi used to be popular as a fishing village and also a port city named Neopolis at the time. When we are leaving the port on this ferry, we imagine the sellers, traders, and adventure seekers that were once taking the same route years ago. Our hearts get filled with excitement.

Sailing on the Azure Waters

One of the pros of living in our modern world is getting around on a comfortable ferry. Having a trip full of scenic views is a truly amazing experience.  The crystal clear turquoise waters glisten in the sun while the ferry is heading towards the beautiful Greek Island of Samos. As you feel the smooth wind in your face along with the calming wave sounds, you get into a deep state of relaxation.

Samos Ferry from Kusadasi
Boat in Samos Island Greece

Mix of Two Cultures

After only about a 1 hour or 1 hour 30 minute trip, we arrive at our destination Samos. There are two major ports that you can take a ferry to in Samos: Pythagorio or Vathy. Samos is an island with a unique history and a cultural heritage. The ancient remnants and the lush greenery complement each other in such a magical way. That is why Samos has an atmosphere that enchants every visitor. Samos was an important trade route back in the day and the genius mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras was from this island, as well.

Things to do in Samos

Once the ferry docks at the Port, we’re immediately enchanted by its old-world charm that comes together with a modern twist. Samos offers a wide range of activities, catering to numerous interests. Below we have listed what you can do in Samos to make the most of your time while having a relaxing holiday.

Visit Pythagoreion

Discover the lovely fishing town of Pythagoreion where Pythagoras is from. Here you can explore the archaeological site that has remnants of an ancient port as well as Roman baths. This UNESCO World Heritage site is a wonderful spot for history enthusiasts.

Pythagoreion Samos Island
Samos Archeological Museum

Samos Archaeological Museum 

Visit Samos Archaeological Museum. Here you can find a significant artifact collection from ancient times. If you are into history, you must spare some time at this beautiful museum.

Try Samos Wine

 Samos is popular for its sweet Muscat wine. You can take a tour of vineyards and partake in wine tasting to enjoy the island’s lovely flavors.

Samos Wines Greece Island
Psili Ammos Beach of Samos

Lounge on Psili Ammos Beach 

Chill out on one of Samos’ most pristine beaches, Psili Ammos. With its golden sands and azure waters, this beach is one of the most popular beaches on the island. Psili Ammos is also known as the closest point to Turkey.

Hike the Mountains

 Get on an adventure to explore the island’s lush mountains and picturesque hiking trails. On the hike up to Mount Kerkis, you will witness one of the best views of the Aegean Sea.

Eupalinian Aqueduct

 Dating back to the 6th Century BC, Eupalinian Tunnel is a significant engineering feat of the time. Spare time to visit this tunnel to appreciate its uniqueness.

Eupalinian Tunnel Samos Island
Heraion Samos Island

Visit Heraion of Samos

In Heraion of Samos you can explore the remnants of a grand temple built for the Greek goddess Hera. The archaeological site of Heraion is among the olive orchards which makes it a perfect setting for exploring history while relaxing.

Potami Waterfalls

Potami Waterfalls is a true natural wonder, where you can have a refreshing and relaxing time under the cascading waters among the lush greenery. Here, you will feel oneness with nature.


Karlovasi town is known for its unique architecture and lovely setting. You can also watch one of the best sunsets here at Karlovasi town from on top of the hill.

Karlovasi Samos Island
Greek Island Samos - Kusadasi Samos Tour - Best Excursions in Kusadasi


Kokkari is a  fishing town and it is known for its stunning beaches, peaceful tavernas on the coast, and vibrant nightlife. Spare a day to explore the unique landscapes of Kokkari and stay for the night to have Greek seafood and enjoy ouzo.

Panagia Spiliani

Visit the Monastery of Panagia Spiliani, built on a hill with stunning sea views and the Turkish coast across. 

Boat Trips

Reserve a boat trip to explore the hidden coves around the beautiful island, its sea caves, and private beaches. These boat trips take you around Psili Ammos or Samiopoula where the turquoise waters welcome you.

Folklore Museum of Samos 

Find out more about the cultural heritage of Samos here at the Folklore Museum. The traditional artifacts and exhibits can be found at the Folklore Museum, attracting culture and history enthusiasts.

Folk Museum Samos Greek Island


Take a long walk around on the streets of Vathy town, the island’s capital. This is a lovely spot with its charming harbor, vibrant squares, and enticing local markets.

Tsabou Beach Samos Island Greece

Tsabou Beach

Tsabou Beach offers peace and tranquility with its untouched nature, crystal clear waters and amazing atmosphere

Watersports in Samos

For the adrenaline-seekers and water sport lovers, there are various watersports on the island. You can go scuba diving, water skiing or jet skiing and many more.

Above we have listed the main attractions in Samos. From its lovely sea vistas of Aegean Sea from breathtaking viewpoints to its popular taverns offering traditional Greek cuisine, Samos will have something to offer for every visitor.

Information Before your Trip to Samos

Ferry Companies and Schedule

The Kusadasi Samos ferry route is performed by a few different companies. during the peak season, there are daily ferries leaving from Kusadasi to Samos. It’s recommended  to look at the schedule and book your tickets in advance, especially if you plan to travel during busy periods. Here you can book with us to reserve your spot.

Passport and Visa Conditions

 Since we are changing countries and getting outside the borders, do not forget to bring your passport with you. Depending on where you are coming from, you might require a Schengen visa to enter Samos, Greece.

Duration and Amenities

The ferry trip usually takes approximately  1 to 1.5 hours. Some ferries even go as fast as 45 minutes.  During this time you can relax and have a drink of tea or coffee as there are amenities on board. Ferries have comfortable seatings and have the necessary amenities on board

Currency and Language:

 In Samos, the currency used is Euros, and Greek is the official language. However, most locals speak English so you will find it easy to communicate with local people during your visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course it is ! Most travelers choose to have a same day trip, leaving from Kusadasi in the morning and coming back later in the evening. It’s a perfect way to witness the taste of Greek culture and cuisine without a long stay.

If you have a Schengen visa, there are no issues. However, it’s important to check out the latest visa needs based on your nationality before setting sail on your journey.

The Ports where ferries dock  in Samos are usually well connected to the island’s main attractions by use of public buses. Taxis, rental cars and scooters are also convenient for your trip in Samos if you want to explore all this island has to offer.

Sure, there are guided tours that offer great island experiences. You can take part in such tours as historical tours, hiking tours, and some food and wine tasting adventures. If you take part in a guided tour you can understand the rich culture and beautiful nature of Samos even further.

The Kusadasi Samos ferry trip is a beautiful passage that brings you from one mesmerizing destination to another. However it also acts as a bridge of the gap between cultures and different historical times. While we head back to the coast of Kusadasi, we bring the memories of beautiful nature, historical stories, delicious Greek seafood and warm Greek hospitality. So, do not hesitate to spare time for visiting this stunning island. Contact us now to let us help you organize your dream vacation.

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