Pigeon Island

Pigeon Island & Castle in Kusadasi Turkey - Explore Kusadasi

Pigeon Island is an island that has become the symbol of Kusadasi and gives Kusadasi its name. This castle, which was built in the 13th century and dates back to the Byzantines, is a unique and popular place for local and foreign tourists to visit easily. Added to the list of UNESCO Tentative World Heritage Site in 2020, this island is connected to the mainland by a bridge.

When you come to Kuşadası, do not forget to visit this island and explore its history. At the same time, you can take a walk around the island and have a drink.

History of Pigeon Island

The island was established with the Genoese who came to the island in the 13th century and built a castle. The castle, which was renovated during the Ottoman Empire, is also known as the “Pirate Police Station” because it served as a police station against pirates.

The inner castle and armory were built in 1533 by the Ottoman admiral Hayreddin Barbarossa. In the 19th century, the exterior was damaged by the Morea Revolt. These walls were repaired and strengthened in 1826 and 1827. In 1957, the island was connected to Kusadasi by a man-made bridge. The island, which was last restored in 2013, took its present form after the restoration.

Historical Photo of Pigeon Island in Kusadasi Turkey
Pigeon Island Photo with Drone in Kusadasi Turkey

Pigeon Island also serves as a port for those who want to go on a boat tour. Every morning, more than 20 boats take tourists from Pigeon Island to various turquoise bays of Kusadasi. Boat trips are usually start at 10 am and end at 4 pm. Get detailed information about these unique boat trips.

Direction and Adress of Pigeon Island

Pigeon Island (Local Name is Guvercin Ada) is 5-10 minutes walking distance from the city center. And it is right next to the cruise port.

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