Top 6 Kusadasi Attractions: How to Spend 24 Hours In Town

Kusadasi Attractions - Top 6 Things in Kusadasi

Kusadasi attractions are numerous, regardless if it’s your first time in this breathtaking town or not. Even though 24 hours is definitely nowhere near enough time to explore the wide array of attractions available around Kusadasi, we’ve prepared this informative guide in the best manner. With this guide, we reckon that you will get the best out of the beautiful Aegean town of Kusadasi.

1- Start your day off with a hearty Turkish Breakfast

There is no better way to start your day off than having a hearty scrumptious Turkish breakfast. Traditional Turkish breakfast is one of the proud-worthy essentials of a Turkish person. Along with the tea served in special tea glasses, the breakfast has a wide variety of foods to choose from.  Your senses will take delight from all the flavors and aromas. This breakfast will fuel the energy required to do all the sightseeing and fun activities you will be partaking in later throughout the day.

Breakfast in Kusadasi - Turkish Breakfast

2- Go on a historical journey in the ancient city of Ephesus

Go and check out what all the hype is about this ancient city that served as an important hub for years. Each year close to 2 million visitors from all around the world come to Ephesus that is on UNESCO World Heritage Sites List. Visit the fascinating Library of Celsus, Temple of Artemis and the House of Virgin Mary to transport yourself back in time.

3- Go on a Private Boat Trip to Explore the Breathtaking Bays of Kusadasi

Among Kusadasi attractions, exploring the crystal clear Turquoise bays of Kusadasi is one of the must-dos for every visitor. Beach lover or not, you will surely enjoy this trip where you will be able to enjoy splashing in the cool Aegean sea. It is a perfect way to enjoy a leisurely cruise with your family and friends and discover all the spots that are not reachable by roadway. You can enjoy a delicious fresh lunch on the boat and have unlimited soft drinks served for you throughout the sailing time.

4- Go on a shopping spree to bring memories back home

Take time to explore downtown Kusadasi.Go for a leisurely walk around the old town and drop by the  Kusadasi bazaar surrounded by the Old Town historical walls (Kaleici). Here you can find a myriad of shops such as leather garments, jewelry, traditional rugs, souvenirs and so much more. While shopping, don’t forget to bargain with the sellers as you may get even a better deal this way.

5- Have an amazing dinner at one of the fish restaurants near the port

What is better than having freshly grilled seafood while feeling the cool Mediterranean breeze on a warm Summer’s day ? Kusadasi is endowed with excellent restaurants that serve top quality seafood at affordable prices. Here you can taste many different small platters of typical Turkish foods (mezes) that will surely feed your tummy and your soul alike.

6- Go for a walk on the coast and enjoy a drink

At daytime Kusadasi is beautiful and tranquil but once the sun sets down the town is lively and entertaining. Take a walk on the seaside starting from Pigeon Island to the Marina location. Drop by one of the upper scale bars there and enjoy a glass of drink while admiring the beautifully lighted town. If you feel like enjoying the night even further, go and check out the Bar Street located in downtown Kusadasi. Here you can dance away the night and have great fun at the bars located there.

There are a wide range of attractions in Kusadasi and its vicinity. Above, we have listed only a few of the things to do so that you can have a great day of exploring Kusadasi and make the most of your 24 hours here. However, if you want to truly enjoy what Kusadasi has to offer, we recommend you to stay here at least a week so that you can take part in many more activities. If you want to explore other must-do’s in Kusadasi check out our Things to do in Kusadasi page.

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