7 Churches of Revelation and Cappadocia Tour (1 week)

7 Churches of Revelation and Cappadoccia Tour from Kusadasi

With the 7 Churches of Revelation and Cappadocia tour, discover the rich religious heritage of Turkey. Visit the seven churches referenced in the Book of Revelation, including the historic cities of Ephesus and Hierapolis, and trace the steps of early Christians. And let yourself be completely taken in by the breathtaking landscapes of Cappadocia, which are home to unusual rock formations, underground towns, and centuries-old cave habitations. Don’t pass up the chance to experience the tour’s intriguing fusion of history, culture, and natural beauty.

Day 1: Smyrna, “The Suffering Church” – Bergama, “The Compromising Church” 

(Includes Breakfast and Lunch, Overnight Stay in Bergama, Pergamon)

We will meet you at Izmir Airport upon your arrival, and we will head to Smyrna. Although the church of Smyrna was prosperous, it refused to dedicate itself to the Roman Empire, resulting in its suffering. It was also the home of Polycarp, a great bishop who was burned alive at the age of 86 in the second century. Afterward, you’ll travel to Bergama for lunch and an overnight stay. You’ll visit the Pergamon Acropolis, which includes the Great Theatre, the Altar of Zeus, and the Red Basilica (a pagan temple that was later converted into a Christian church). We will also visit the famous medical center of antiquity, the Asclepion, before retiring for the night in Bergama. (Lunch included).

Pergamon City Pergamum - Explore Kusadasi Excursions and Activities - Ancient City of Izmir

Day 2: Thyatira, “The Adulterous Church” – Sardes, “The Dead Church” 

(Includes Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, Overnight Stay in Kusadasi)

Sardes Historical Ruins

After a hearty breakfast in Bergama, we will head to Akhisar to visit Thyatira, one of the Seven Churches mentioned in Revelations, which was once a bustling trading center known for its purple and scarlet cloth. Christ compared the fiery furnaces of Thyatira to himself, saying, “The Son of God, who hath his eyes like unto a flame of fire and his feet are like fine brass.” Then, we will drive to Sardis, known for minting coins, one of the oldest and most important cities in Asia. The city was known for its arts and crafts, and it was the first center to mint gold and silver coinage. You’ll visit the Temple of Artemis, Marble Royal Road, Gymnasium, and Synagogue before retiring for the night and having dinner in Kusadasi.

Day 3: Ephesus & Virgin Mary House & St. John, “The Loveless Church” 

(Includes Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, Overnight Stay in Kusadasi)

After breakfast, we’ll travel to Selçuk town to visit the Ephesus Ancient City, the second-largest city in the Roman Empire with over 250,000 people in the 1st BC. It was a harbor city built entirely with marble. The city had the largest amphitheater in the ancient world with over 25,000 seats. We will also see Goddess Nike, Local pharmacy, Hadrian Gate, Library of Celsus (the third largest library), Marble Street, and Harbor Street.

Ephesus View - Explore Kusadasi

The House of Virgin Mary, the place where the Virgin Mary spent her last days and the Shrine of Virgin Mary, is our second stop, located on top of the Ephesus and 9 km away. Finally, we will visit the Basilica of St. John, where an impressive domed basilica was built in the 6th century to replace an earlier church built over the grave of St. John. Then, we will return to Kusadasi for dinner and an overnight stay.

Day 4: Exploring Hierapolis and Pamukkale

(Includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and overnight stay in Pamukkale)

Necropolis of Hierapolis - Pamukkale Tours from Kusadasi

We kick off our day with a delicious breakfast before embarking on a scenic drive up to the stunning white terraces of Pamukkale. This amazing location, also known as the “Cotton Castle” is located in Aegean Turkey and is famous for its beautiful mineral bath spas that are rich in calcium, giving them a fluffy white cotton-like appearance. Pamukkale has been a spa town since the Roman era, attracting tourists from all over the world who come to relax in the warm, soothing, and therapeutic waters of the spas.

Our first stop is the ancient city of Hierapolis, also known as the “Holy City,” which was evangelized by the apostles Paul and Epaphras. The Apostle Philip also lived and was buried here. What sets Hierapolis apart from most places on Earth is that it is built on land above mineral springs, but on limestone deposits. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the numerous ruins that are scattered throughout the area, including the necropolis, which houses the sarcophagi of important ancient figures like Marcus Aurelius.

After exploring Hierapolis, we head back to our hotel in Pamukkale for dinner and a good night’s sleep.

Day 5: Discovering Laodicea and Philadelphia

(Includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and overnight stay in Pamukkale)

We start our day with a delicious breakfast before heading out to explore Laodicea and Philadelphia. Laodicea is known as “The Lukewarm Church,” while Philadelphia is known as “The Faithful Church.”

Laodicea Road from Seven Churces Tour
Cappadocia Tour from The Sky with Balloons

Day 6: From Konya to Cappadocia

We set off early in the morning for Konya, where we visit the Mevlana Museum and the 13th-century Whirling Dervish Monastery. After lunch, we drive to Cappadocia, stopping at the Sultanhan Caravanserai along the way. We arrive in Cappadocia in the evening, where we enjoy dinner and an overnight stay.

Day 7: Exploring Cappadocia

Our final day of the tour is spent exploring the fascinating and unique landscape of Cappadocia. This area is famous for its unusual rock formations known as “Fairy Chimneys,” which were carved by early inhabitants from soft volcanic rock to create underground dwellings that eventually grew to become entire cities. These cities provided a safe haven for up to six thousand Christians who were escaping persecution. The churches that were carved into the porous rock are also a sight to behold, with many of them dating back to the 9th to 11th centuries and still boasting lavishly decorated frescoes.

Cappadocia Tour with Girl

During our visit to Cappadocia, we’ll explore the Goreme Open Air Museum, Avanos, the pottery-making town, the natural Citadel of Uchisar, and the monastic Zelve Valley. At the end of the day, we’ll transfer to Kayseri airport for our flight back to your destination.

What is Included?
  • Sightseeing as per the itinerary.
  • All escorted transfers.
  • Hotel accommodation at the above-mentioned hotels. 
  • English speaking government licensed professional tour guide.
  • All the entry fees to sites and museums.
  • Meals as indicated in the itinerary.
  • Transportation by A/C nonsmoking and sanitized vehicles.
  • Local taxes and VAT.
What is Excluded?
  • All flights.
  • All meals and beverages which are not indicated in the itinerary.
  • All personal expenditures.
  • Tips to the tour guide and driver.
  • Turkish Visa Fee.
  • Everything which is not particularly mentioned in the ‘Including’ section.
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