Kusadasi Wednesday Market

Kusadasi Wednesday Market

While on a vacation In Kusadasi, there are ample opportunities for going on a shopping spree. You come across a large number of stores in the bazaar and on the streets of the town. But did you know that there is a Kusadasi Wednesday Market for clothes and textiles? In this market you can find a wide range of goods from garments to cheap designer clothes and even everyday household items. 

Wednesday street market is popular even among the locals of Kusadasi.  If you are looking to go bargain shopping, you must spare time to visit the Kusadasi market while on your trip.

Is Kusadasi Wednesday Market Cheap?

Kusadasi Wednesday market has been welcomed with great interest by the local people and tourists of Kusadasi for years. The sellers can deliver thousands of different products to you at affordable prices since they don’t pay for rent or utilities like regular stores. That’s why the prices are much cheaper in the Wednesday market compared to other stores. You never know, you can get even a better deal by bargaining with the seller.

Is Wednesday Market Open Every Season?

Kusadasi Wednesday market is open all year round and all seasons to serve the people of Kusadasi. As the name suggests, this street market is only open on Wednesdays from early morning hours until around sunset depending on the season. Although there are more stalls open in the summer months, it is always possible to find something in the winter months. But keep in mind that it may be more crowded in the summer months with a larger number of tourists visiting.

Kusadasi Market Wednesday Season

How Can I Go to Kusadasi Market?

Since Kusadasi is a rather small town, many amenities are within walking distance. Kusadasi Wednesday market too, is approximately a 15-minute walk from the city centre. You can also take the local minibus (dolmus) from the city centre or else you can take a taxi for a low fare.

Kusadasi Market Days

The Wednesday market is also open to the public on other days as a fresh fruit and vegetable market. On these days, both local people and tourists come to enjoy hundreds of varieties of fresh fruit and vegetables. Tap the button below to find out the Kusadasi market days.

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