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Bazaar in Selcuk and Kusadasi

Selcuk Saturday Market is a public bazaar that is set up on Saturdays in the side streets of the shops in the center of Selcuk. Since important historical places such as the Ancient City of Ephesus and the House of the Virgin Mary are in the borders of Selcuk province, Selcuk Market is a market frequently visited by tourists. You can buy souvenirs and clothes for yourself, your family and friends in Selcuk Saturday Market.

How to Get to Selcuk Saturday Market?

Since Selcuk Saturday Market is only open on Saturday, you need to adjust your schedule according to that day. You can go to Selcuk market by minibus (dolmush) departing from Kusadasi center. You can get on these minibuses from the dolmus stop in the center of Kusadasi for around 30 Turkish Lira per person. If you are a large group, you can go to Selcuk market by taxi by paying 10-20 euros in total. You can contact us below if you want a taxi with an affordable prices, because of the taxis can usually offer expensive prices for tourists.

Prices of Selcuk Saturday Market

Selcuk Saturday Market, like Kusadasi bazaar, are the areas set up by marketers only for that day. For this reason, these markets sell at more affordable prices compared to shops. It is possible to buy the product at a much more affordable price by bargaining with the salesperson for the products you will buy in these markets.

Selcuk Market Kusadasi
Vintage Souvenirs in Selcuk Market

Which Products Selling at Selcuk Market?

Local and original fake clothes are the most sold products in Selcuk market. Apart from clothes, you can also find products such as bags, shoes and accessories in Selcuk market. You can also find different types of spicies, local fruits and vegetables at the market. Keep in mind that you can find second-hand products and antique-vintage items on the market booth on the ground at the entrance or exit points of the Selcuk Saturday Market.

Selcuk Farmer’s Market

In addition to clothes, textiles and souvenirs you can find fresh local produce at Selcuk Saturday Market. Here, you have the option to buy fresh fruits and vegetables directly from the farmers. Have a taste of unique local herbs here that are only endemic to this part of Turkey. You can also taste different types of aromatic Turkish dishes that will give you a taste of rich Turkish cuisine.

Kusadasi Market - Woman Shopping in Kusadasi Market

What Kind of Payment Do The Sellers Accept at Selcuk Saturday Market?

The majority of the stalls at Selcuk Saturday market accept cash payment only. Because these vendors sell their goods at affordable prices, cash-payment is their preferred method of payment. There are some stalls that accept credit card and debit card payment. However, you are more likely to get better prices from the dealer with cash payment.

What Currency is Accepted at Selcuk Market?

In addition to Turkish Liras you can pay the vendors in foreign currencies. Most of the sellers accept major currencies such as Great British Pounds, Euros and US Dollars at the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Selcuk Market is open all year round on every Saturday. The market is open to visitors from early in the morning about  8 am until sunset time. Depending if you go in the summer or winter, these hours may differ. In summer, make sure to visit the market well prepared for the hot days. Wear hats, sunscreen and drink plenty of water for shopping safely. If you want to avoid the heat you can choose to go shopping early in the morning or later in the afternoon.

There are several ways to travel from Kusadasi to Selcuk Market. To have a cheap traveling option to Selcuk, you can choose to take a dolmus (local minibus). There are frequent local mini buses scheduled from Kusadasi center to Selcuk about every 25 minutes. If you are looking to travel as a larger group the best way is to take a taxi or book a private transfer from your hotel or your apartment in Kusadasi. That way you can have a comfortable air conditioned trip which you can also use on your way back to Kusadasi.

Selcuk Market offers a wide range of local products. You can find all types of garments, textiles, clothes, souvenirs, ceramics, hand-crafted goods. You can also find fresh produce, spices and other local goods.

Selcuk is a small town that is home to world-famous attractions such as Ancient City of Ephesus and Virgin Mary’s House. Make sure to spare a day to visit both these attractions while visiting Selcuk and its vicinity. You can also visit Sirince Village to experience the blended Greek-Turkish culture and enjoy its stunning scenery among lush greenery.

Depending on the availability of each boat, the boats either leave from Kusadasi Marina location or Guvercinada (Pigeon Island) location.

Selcuk Saturday Market Location

Atatürk, Abuhayat Cd. No:8, 35920 Selçuk/İzmir

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